Anne Warimu does the exquisite beadwork you see in the baskets, evening purses and place mats and napkin holders.  She lives in the Kibera slum with her son, he is blind.  Her motivation is to send her son to handicapped school.  Parenting a special needs child is difficult no matter where you live; in a third world slum it is quite daunting.  Anne is a very talented, tough business woman – she offers no discounts on her prices.  She gave me a rare smile when she told me that the purchases Rhythm of Hope made in July assured her son another year at the special school.

  Ngeri, picked up an infant boy from a pile of trash, took him home and also cares for him as her own son.  She is nicknamed “Mama Moses”

Evelyn and the Power Women Group: 
They also live in Kibera, the largest slum in the Nairobi area.  This is a group of women who make crafts and share profits among themselves.  We have from their group, jewelry made from cow bones, paper and clay.  Also we have greeting cards, nativity scenes and angel decorations made from banana leaf materials and hemp.

Nita Heald (left), in Portland, Oregon, contributes to our cause with her elegant jewelry designs. She is a talented and very creative artist, working with sterling silver and semi-precious stones. Her designs are unique and popular, particularly her natural leaf necklaces.

Levi O'Bem Yakubu is the President of Dajo Pottery. He is an Award winning Nigerian potter with countless first acclaimed to him.  His marble ceramic wares in Nigeria and Africa are the first to be produced in commercial quanity.  
You can read first hand his many achievements on his website Dajo pottery.   
The photo above is taken from his website.  His pottery can be purchased locally at 

Some pictures of his pottery featured at Global Fusion



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