How you can help


        1.  Monetary contributions using a credit or debit card can be done via our website using  PayPal.  Just click on the Donate button. 

        2.  Purchase the crafts – this is a win/win situation – we have already helped the ladies who made these items by paying them for their goods and they become part of our fund raising efforts to do more good.

     3.  Maybe you could assist or you know people who could assist with grant writing.

     4.  Corporate contacts are very much needed at this point

     5.  Recommend other parishes, community organizations where we could possibly give a presentation and sell our wares

     6.  Host a World Bazaar gathering in your home enabling us to spread the word of our efforts and sell goods.

    7.  Assist us in various fund raising activities.  It would be wonderful to be able to call when we need help with one thing or another.  Such as helping us sell at craft shows or flea markets.

     8.  Perhaps you have a fund raising idea that would be good for Rhythm of Hope.

     9.  Make crafts that we could sell to benefit our cause – you would donate them and receive a receipt.

    10.  Maybe you work in a place where our candy could be sold. You would need to display it and collect the money for Rhythm of Hope. © 2009 • Privacy PolicyEmail Us

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