Their needs are many

The children in conflict/HIV&AIDS
affected areas of Africa are in desperate need. Very often they are abandoned and starving. We are appalled at this situation which has prompted the creation of this organization. 
As our name implies, we endeavor to "initiate" situations that will enable their parents and caregivers to earn a sustainable livelihood such as; micro loans to start a business, provide goats or chickens in rural areas, fresh water wells, sponsoring students to further their educaiton, training for abused persons, support substance abuse programs, etc.  We invite you to  read more... 

Rhythm of Hope's Vision

We are a non-profit organization

Established 2009  - At that time we focused on contributing to a clinic and a school both of which are located in slums of Nairobi, Kenya.  We contributed to a well in Garkawa, Nigeria.  A tour was organized and took place July 2011 that turned out to be an amazing experience.  We were able to take many contributions such as vitamins and other products for this purpose.  These were distributed to a Women’s shelter for sexually abused.  We visited St. Christine’s school; the school we have been involved with since the beginning.  Here we took many school supplies and shoes and had musical exchanges with the children.   St. Placida’s orphanage/school was visited where we were treated like royalty!   We provided them with school supplies and shoes as well but it seemed like a drop in the bucket when one considers their vast needs.   Then we participated in tourist activities such as visiting the Elephant orphanage where they raise elephants whose parents were killed for their ivory, Karen Blixen estate, whose life story was depicted in the movie “Out of Africa”,  among other things.  The fantastic fly-out Safari  put us in the lap of luxury while viewing abundant wild life in the Massai Mara. 

Fellow board member, Father Joseph Nietlong, and I continued on to Nigeria where we inspected the well and met with people from the village of Garkawa.  In addition,  spent time with the award winning potter, Levi, of Dajo Pottery.  


Upcoming Mission Trip 

Zipline Through the Rainforest

New Trip coming July  2018

Details on our upcoming Mission Trip will be posted soon!  Please check back with us later for specifics.